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Hot-Working Processes - Drop-forging

Points : Drop-forging, Definition Definition If a large number of identical forged components are required, then it is economically preferable to make then by a drop-forging process. In this process a shaped die is used, one half being attached to hammer and the other half to the anvil. With complex shapes a series of dies may be used.

The Principles of the drop forging process. In order to fill the die cavity completely, excess metal is required in the work piece. This excess is forced into ‘flash’ gutter and the ‘flash’ produced is trimmed off in a suitable die to give the finished forging. The hammer, working between two vertical guide, is mechanically lifted some distance above the anvil and allowed to fall under gravity on to the work piece which consists of a heated bar or billet of the metal placed on the anvil half of the die. As the hammer falls it forges the metal between the two halves of the die. A modification of drop-forging employs either mechanical or steam power to force the hammer downwards, thus increasing the power of the blow. ‘High energy rate’ forging in which the machines are generally operated by pneumatic pressure is now also used.

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