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Theory of Window Air-Conditioner

Theory of Window Air-Conditioner Points : Theory of Window Air-Conditioner Air conditioning method is an assemblage of dissimilar workings of refrigeration with heating system to form the air in closed gap to preserve lay down temperature with humidity environment. In mainly of cases, air- conditioning is particularly worried by creating contented cooling/healing form of air in confine gap. Confined space might be a existing room, a meeting or colloquium hail, an hall or theatre or a eating place. The other condition might be for developed air-conditioning for elevated precision machines or for a examine laboratory. The console cool for human being is 1. Temperature = 22 to 25°C 2. Air velocity 5 to 8 m/mm 3. Comparative humidity 40 to 60%. Moreover these necessities for ease cooling, the usual of air clarity in conditions of freedom as of a. dirt b. foul odour c. sound is also to be maintain. The essential element of an air-conditioning system are: a. Refrigeration element to cool air b. humidification with dehumidification unit to manage the wetness of air c. control system to control on refrigeration units or heaters intended for cooling or heating of air d. fans or blowers to drive air in room e. supply and go back air duct to take condition air to room with to carry back air as of room to plant to form again, and f. filters to dirt free the atmosphere.

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