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Types of Screw Fastenings

Types of Screw Fastenings Points : Types of Screw Fastenings, Through Bolts, Set Screws, Studs, Cap Screws, Tap Bolts, Machine Screws The common types of screw fastenings is given below:
1. Through Bolts
2. Set Screws
3. Studs
4. Cap Screws
5. Tap Bolts
6. Machine Screws
1. Through Bolts A through bolt is cylindrical bar by threads for nut on one end with head at other end. Cylindrical component of bolt is identified as shank and is passed through drill holes in two parts to be fastened jointly with clamped them steadily to every other as nut is screwed on to threaded ending. Through bolts can or cannot contain a machined finish with are prepared by also hexagonal or square heads. Through bolt must exceed simply in holes, while place under tension by a load along its axis. If load work perpendicular to axis, attention to slide one of attached parts all along other end therefore subjecting it to shear, holes must be reamed so that bolt shank fits warmly there in. Through bolts according to their handling might be known as machine bolts, automobile bolts, carriage bolts, eye bolts and so on.
2. Set Screws Set screws is use to stop relative motion among two parts. Set screw is screwed through a threaded hole in one part so to its point presses beside the other part. This opposes the relative motion among two parts by way of friction among the point of screw with one of parts. They might be use in its place of key to prevent relative motion among a hub with a shaft in light power transmission member. They might also be use in link by a key, where they avoid relative axial motion of shaft, key and hub assembly.
3. Studs Stud is a circles bar threaded at equally ends. One end of stud is screwed into a tap hole of parts to be fastened, as other end receives a nut on it. Studs are mostly using instead of tap bolts for locked different type of covers e.g. covers of engine with pump cylinders, valves, chests etc.
4. Cap Screws Cap screws are like to tap bolts apart from that they are of small size with a range of shapes of heads are available.
5. Tap Bolts Tap bolt or screw is different as of a bolt. It is screw into a tap hole of one of parts to be fastened with no the nut.
6. Machine Screws This is similar to cap screws by head slotted for a screw driver. These are commonly used by a nut.

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