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Construction of Lathe Machine

Construction of Lathe Machine Points : Construction of Lathe Machine There are four major groups of machinery that include the foundation for all engine lathes. The consist of bed, headstock, tailstock, and carriage.

Bed is the base of engine lathe. Bed is a heavy, rough casting prepared to hold the working parts of lathe. Range and mass of bed give the inflexibility needed for precise engineering tolerances required in mechanized at present.

On top of bed are machined ways that show with aligning the carriage with tailstock, as they are move as of one end of lathe to other. Headstock is clamped top the bed at left-hand end of lathe. Headstock have the motor that drives spindle during a series of gears. The job is mounting to spindle through means of a faceplate, chuck, or collet.

As the headstock have the motor with drive gears, the speed or RPM at which spindle turn is also controlled here. Headstock too contains the power feed adjustments, which are controls for speed at which the carriage move while the power feed lever in engage.

Carriage assembly travel lengthwise, along the ways among headstock along with the tailstock. Carriage is composed of cross slide, saddle, compound rest, with apron. Saddle is an H formed casting mount on top of ways; with supports cross slide with compound rest. Apron is fixed to saddle, and houses the automatic feed mechanism. Cross slide is mounting on top of saddle, with can be motivated also manually or automatically crossways the longitudinal axis of spindle. This give the lathe’s X-axis, which is diameter job, is machined to. Compound rest holds tool post, which supports cutting tool. Mount on top of cross slide, the compound rest can be swivel to any angle in horizontal plane. This is functional while cutting angles with short tapers on work-piece.

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