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Classification of Reciprocating Pumps

Classification of Reciprocating Pumps Points : Classification of Reciprocating Pumps, According to use of piston sides, According to number of cylinders, According to the air vessel a. According to use of piston sides
b. According to number of cylinders
c. According to the air vessel
a. According to Use of Piston Sides Pump might be single acting or double acting. Single-Acting Reciprocating Pump If liquid is full just on one side of piston and there is just one suction with one delivery pipe, it is identified as a single-acting reciprocating pump. Double-Acting Reciprocating Pump If there are two suction and two delivery pipes with liquid is expected on equally sides of piston in cylinder and is deliver into particular delivery pipes, it is call double-acting reciprocating pump. b. According to Number of Cylinders Reciprocating pumps by more than one cylinder are identified as multi-cylinder pumps. Single-Cylinder Pump Reciprocating pump can be also single acting or double acting. Double-Cylinder Pump If two cylinders are attached to similar shaft, it is calling double-cylinder or two-throw pump. Every cylinder consists of its have suction with delivery pipe. Cranks set at 1800 to every other are attached to the two pistons. While there is suction stroke in one pump, it is delivery stroke in other. Therefore, liquid is deliver to delivery pipe through every stroke of piston. Triple-Cylinder Pump While a reciprocating pump has three cylinders, it is identified as triple cylinder or three-throw pump. Cranks of such a pump are set at 1200 to one another. Every cylinder consist of its own suction pipe, delivery pipe with piston. c. According to the Air Vessel Pump might be With Air Vessel or Without Air vessel. 1. With Air Vessel Several reciprocating pump are give by a divide air vessel attach to suction with delivery valve. Its major purpose is to build up overload amount of water through compressing air in the vessel. 2. Without Air vessel A few pumps need air vessel as of temperament of their work such as the reciprocating boiler feed pumps does not contain air vessel as they may initiate air into the desecrated water.

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