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Work Holding Attachments Capstan and Turret Lathe

Work Holding Attachments Capstan and Turret Lathe Points : Work Holding Attachments Capstan Lathe and Turret Lathe, Drill and Reamer Holder, Centering and Chamfering Tools, Work Stops or Bar Stops, Chucks, Arbors, Collet, Tap and Die Holders, Fixtures As turret lathe is a manufacture machine, the method of holding the work among centres finds no place in its practice. Almost every the work is held in spindle in one type of fixture or the further. Drill and Reamer Holder The generally use drill and reamer holders are, a. floating drill and reamer holder. b. plain drill holder Floating holder is prepared in two parts to facilitate it to make small adjustments in drill or reamer place, so as to create it concentric by work piece. An enhanced form of a drill with reamer holder is self-centering drill chuck. This posse a firm grip with repeatedly brings drill or reamer into necessary alignment. Plain drill holder consists of a hollow cylindrical body with a shank. Centering and Chamfering Tools This tool is generally use centering tools are, a. roller steady centering tool b. flat centering tool, and c. combined bar stop with centering tool. a. Roller steady centering tool consists of major body having the shank at its back. b. Flat centering tool consists of a solid shank give by a flat drill at its front. c. Combined bar stop and centering tool consists of a cast body have the shank at its rear with carrying an adaptable drill at its centre. A generally use chamfering tool consists of a cast body fixed by a conical bush with a cutter. On a turret it is use for chamfering at a fast speed by heavy feeds. Work Stops or Bar Stops Intended for mass production of equal parts, it is needed that equal length of bar stock be probable out each time. While it is not hard to adjust the length all time, but it is time intense. For such reason, works stops or bar stops are use. The two generally use bar stops are modifiable bar stop with micrometer bar stop. Chucks Every chucks use in a turret lathe is of self-centering range by three with occasionally two jaws. Two jaw chuck is too identified as two jaw box chuck with is intended to hold work by parallel flat sides. An necessary requisite of chuck use in turret lathes is that it have to be strong with rigid. Chucks are classify according to controlling device as (a) hydraulic chucks, (b) mechanical chucks, and (C) pneumatic chucks. Arbors Arbor is use to hold short part of stock have precise formerly machined holes. Working of arbors is extremely like to that of collets. Collet Collet is use for feeding the bar during hollow spindle for turning with parting off process. Collets generally use are also air operate or hand operate. The tools is give by a particular handle to simply loosen and tighten the bar stock by affecting it leftward with rightward. This helps in rapid gripping with relieving of work. Tap and Die Holders Large range of tap with die holders is use on turrets. The generally use ones are, a. self-releasing type tap holder, b. sensitive type tap holder, and c. collapsible type tap holder. Fixtures Particular or rough components need special holding devices. Such devices are identified as fixtures.

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