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Slip Gauge

Slip Gauge Points : Slip Gauge, Definition Slip gauge are also identified as gauge blocks. Gauge block is a rectangular block invented of hardened steel by two opposite faces alienated by a definite distance. The faces are ground and lapped to make them flat and parallel within fine limits. The blocks (slip gauges) are formed in sets by which it is possible to build a stack of any necessary height. The smoothness and finish of the surfaces of the block is such that they are prepared to stick to each other strongly sufficient enough to keep the stack jointly during normal use. The process of making the blocks remain is call wringing.

Wringing is replica by first very warily cleaning the faces, placing them in contact pressing them jointly lightly and twisting as indicate by the arrows. Two true faces will hold with very extensive force. It is not a question of air pressure, but molecular attraction; in fact it left too long in contact they may be injured in separating them. It is rather simple to wiring ten or more slip gauges jointly with handle them as if they were single part.

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