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Lathe Machine Safety Precaution

Lathe Machine Safety Precaution Points : Lathe Machine Safety Lathe Machine can be dangerous if not operate accurately. It is main to keep the machine with the setting area dirt free and neat. Mistake is for all time cause due to lack of care and insecure working behavior. Toward reduce the chances of accidents, as working a lathe, the follow precautions should be practical.
  1. Discontinue the lathe previous to you gauges the work, clean, oil, or regulate the machine. Measure rotating part can result in broken tools or individual injury
  2. Never work a lathe machine until you completely know its control. Be sure that you can stop the machine rapidly in case something unforeseen occur.
  3. Never use a rag to clean work or the machine while the lathe is in process. Rag can get caught and be haggard in down with your hand.
  4. Turn of your sleeves, take out your necktie, and put in slack clothing. Small sleeves are preferable
  5. All the time take out the chips by a wire and brush and don’t with your hand or fabric.
  6. Rings and watches can hold in rotating work or lathe parts with reason serious injuries.
  7. Do not work a machine if protection guards are detached or not closed correctly.
  8. Sure that the chuck or faceplate is mounted firmly before initial the lathe.
  9. Avoid fun at all times, especially while in use any machine tool.
  10. Use standard protection goggles for eyes protection.
  11. For eternity take away the chuck key after use.
  12. Don’t put on a ring or wristwatch.

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