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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Capstan and Turret Lathe Operations

Capstan and Turret Lathe Operations Points : Capstan and Turret Lathe Operations, Turning with a box tool, External thread cutting, Internal thread cutting, Taper turning Operations complete on a turret lathe are like to those execute on a centre lathe. These are, straight turning, shoulder turning, taper turning, facing, knurling, threading, cutting, undercutting, reaming, tapping, drilling, boring, counter boring, parting and chamfering. Turret lathe, these operations are performing by particularly designed tool holders. Taper Turning The common taper turning processes on a turret lathe are by, a. A forming tool, b. A taper turning attachment, and, c. A taper from the turret. Taper turning through a forming tool is performing with setting the tool cutting edge at partially the angle of taper. The process of taper turning on a turret lathe by a taper turning accessory is like to one use on a centre lathe. Processes of turning taper as of turret fit in a horizontal slide to which tool holder with actuate roller brackets are set. Inclined guide for roller is mounting on machine bed. As turret is difficult, the roller below the roller bracket is guide by slot in direction of taper. Owing to horizontal movement of slide moving roller bracket, required taper is formed on work piece. Turning with a Box Tool Tool setting by a box tool is passed out in the following classify:
1. Rotate the bar to a proper length as of one end.
2. Regulate the rollers on work so that they turn freely.
3. Take the tool forward with set it slightly forward of rollers.
4. End turn bar to necessary size. 5. Set turret stops correctly with finish job to the preferred length.
External Thread Cutting A turret lathe, on external threads are cut on a bar stock by help of self- opening die heads, solid adjustable dies, solid button dies, chasers or single point tools. Internal Thread Cutting A turret lathe, on inside threads is cut through solid taps, collapsible taps or single point tools.

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