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Parts of Lathe Cutting Tool

Parts of Lathe Cutting Tool Points : Parts of Lathe Cutting Tool, Nose, Face, Base, Cutting Edge, Flank, Heel Machine tool is able to perform efficiently while right cutting tools are use. Lathe solid tool bit have of a Nose, Face, Base, Cutting Edge, Flank and Heel Nose Nose is pinching sharp tip of tool bit which be liable to go through into material it is forced through the side with end edges. Face Face is top of tool bit with is the surface anywhere the chip passed as it is cut left as of the work-piece. Base Base is the bottom surface of tool. Every cutting tool has to acquire sure angles in order to cut capably. These angles are chosen as clearance angles with rake angles. Cutting Edge Cutting edge is to element of tool bit that do the actual cutting of work-piece. Flank Flank is surface directly lower the cutting edge. Heel Heel is bottom of the tool bit point on front.

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