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Types of Turret Lathe

Types of Turret Lathe Points : Types of Turret Lathe, Horizontal Turret Lathes, Ram type turret lathe capstan, Saddle type turret lathe, Vertical Turret Lathe Horizontal Turret Lathes Horizontal lathe machines are accessible in two types:
i) Ram type turret lathe
ii) Saddle type turret lathe
i) Ram Type Turret Lathe Ram Type Turret Lathe is mounting on a force, taking place slide that can be motivated fore with rear by power or physically the saddle in which slide move is clamp in place on way of machine at correct space from the spindle. Turret indexes one position all time slide motivated to end of its move extreme away as of spindle. All face of turret is at right angles to longitudinal axis of lathe with machined to allow many unusual tools. ii) Saddle Type Turret Lathe Saddle Type Turret Lathe turret is mount on saddle, with whole assembly moves the length of bed way. It is use on larger lathes as or the force and stiffness it gives but it can to be use on small capability lathes. Some lathe of this kind saddle has a cross slide so that cutting tools can be motivated perpendicular to longitudinal axis or machine process. Vertical Turret Lathe Vertical Turret Lathes contain related quality of better horizontal turret lathes with vertical boring mill. This lathe is use to machine great and huge items. Spindle of machine is mounting vertically in base and supports table, which can series in diameter. The table is weighty iron casting by t-slots to allow the t-bolts or other work holding devices such as the separately mount chuck jaws.

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