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Sixteen-Cylinder Engine

Sixteen-Cylinder Engine Points : Sixteen-Cylinder Engine, 16 Cylinder Engine Sixteen-cylinder engine have two set of directly eight cylinders disposed at an angle or Vee contain be use in Cadillac car. These engines contain be completely fair with top gear presentation. This engine provide a incessant flow of power and very smooth process with eight power impulses evenly spaced for each revolution of the crankshaft. The additional condition of this engine are bore and stroke 88.9 mm every, cylinder capacity 7,060 cc and B.H.P. 185 at 3,600 r.p.m. The cylinder set in two banks of eight cylinders every are inclined at 135°. A only casting include together cylinder banks and a better part of the crankcase. Hydraulic compensate type of valve tappets is use for routine maintenance of right clearance.

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