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Using a Dial Indicator

Using a Dial Indicator Points : Using a Dial Indicator Method
  1. Regulate the other set of conflicting jaws in equal manner until indicator registers the similar at any point on the work perimeter.
  2. Get the indicator point beside the work diameter so that it register about 0.50 mm and rotate the lathe through hand.
  3. Put the gauge spindle in a horizontal location by the contact point set to center right.
  4. Mount works with right it about, using also the chalk or surface gauge process.
  5. Revolve the lathe spindle by hand and recheck indicator reading.
  6. Make tighter all jaws equally to protect the work-piece tightly.
  7. Escalate an indicator, by a series of tool post of the lathe.
  8. Note maximum and lowest reading on dial indicator.

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