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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Resistance (Foot) Valve

Resistance (Foot) Valve Points : Resistance (Foot) Valve In section view of an adjustable resistance valve, or foot valve. It is mounted in a vertical position, and the steel ball (3) tends to seal the check by gravity. Oil entering the side connection (1) is free to flow out of the top connection (2) by merely raising the ball (3). Oil flowing in the top connection (2) is restricted by a spring pressure because the bail seats on the check and the entire plunger (5) must be moved against, the spring away from its seat (6) in order to have the oil pass. The spring pressure may be adjusted by the screw (4) in use, resistance valves may be arranged, one on each end of the hydraulic cylinder, to allow the exhaust to escape freely but offer resistance to the intake.

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