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Important Terms Used in Riveted Joints

Important Terms Used in Riveted Joints Points : Important Terms Used in Riveted Joints Following terms in connection by the riveted joints are main from subject point of view: 1. Margin or Marginal Pitch Margin pitch is also known as marginal pitch is the distance among centre of rivet hole to adjacent edge of the plate. It is usually denoted by m. 2. Pitch Pitch is distance as of the centre of one rivet to centre of the next rivet calculated parallel to the seam. It is usually denote by p. 3. Diagonal Pitch Diagonal pitch is distance among the centres of rivets in adjacent rows of zig-zag riveted joint. It is generally denote by pd. 4. Back Pitch Back pitch is perpendicular distance among the centre lines of successive rows. It is generally denoted by pb.

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