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Indexing Turret Lathe

Indexing Turret Lathe Points : Indexing Turret Lathe, Indexing capstan Lathe Turret indexing as of one tool place to next is complete by Geneva movement. Power for movement is taken as of drive shaft during a clutch with gearing system. When disc use previous to, a turret consists of six equally spaced holes into which shank of turret tool is located with clamped firmly by clamping bushes with screws.
After every movement, turret is automatically locked at every tool place by a locking pin. Locking engage the bushings set in rear face of turret directly. Changeable dogs give on turret dog mover start the device of turret indexing. Adjustable dogs are place to lift turret trip lever with engage indexing mechanism through turret clutch.
Single and double indexing are two kind of generally use indexing mechanism. Single indexing imply the turret indexes to every the six tool position. Double indexing implies turret indexes to all other tool place.

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