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Gear Pump

Gear Pump Points : Gear Pump The gear pump is probably the simplest kind of commercial medium-pressure constant delivery pump. This type of pump has been in use for many years for raising and circulating (pumping) various kinds of liquids. Its wide use in the hydraulic transmission of power is due to:

a. The large volume at medium pressure of which it is capable.
b. Its quiet running at high speed, owing to ball bearings, helical gear, etc.
c. Its simplicity low first cost and upkeep.
d. Its small dimensions.

In action the two gears in mesh, revolving in the direction, tend Jo create a vacuum in the inlet chamber
A: The atmospheric pressure in the oil reservoir forces the oil to fill this suction chamber, and the oil is engaged by the teeth of the gears and confined in the spaces.
B: Until released and is then expelled through the outlet. The pressure given to the oil by the pump depends primarily open the speed of the gears.

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