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Size of a Lathe Machine

Size of a Lathe Machine Points : Size of a Lathe Machine Lathe machines are prepared in a range of sizes with are known by the maximum size of work piece, which can be machined. Though, follow points might be consider significant as specify a lathe machine:
  1. Highest space among centers -greatest length of the work-piece, which can be held among the centers of machine.
  2. Swing above cross-slide-largest thickness, which can be turn above the cross-slide.
  3. Swing above the bed-largest length, which can be revolve in excess of the bed.
  4. Kind of thread machine normal change gear, quick-change gear.
  5. Range of threads to be cut in inches with millimeters.
  6. Taper dimension of headstock and tailstock bore.
  7. Highest length of bore of headstock spindle.
  8. Kind of drive: Belt drive, Gear drive.
  9. Greatest length of bed 100'.
  10. Kind of lathe.

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