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Care and Maintenance of Lathe Machine

Care and Maintenance of Lathe Machine Points : Care and Maintenance of Lathe Machine Lathes are extremely precise machine tools planned to function around the clock if correctly operate and maintain. Lathes have to be lubricated and check for change previous to process. Improper lubrication or free nuts and bolts be able to reason extreme wear and hazardous working situation. The lathe ways are accuracy ground surfaces with have to not be use as tables for other tools and must be kept clean of grit and dust. Lead screw also gears must be check often for every metal chips that might be blocked in gearing mechanisms. Ensure every lathe previous to process for any missing parts or broken shear pins. Refer to operator’s instruction before attempt to lift any lathe. Newly mount lathes or lathes that are transported in mobile vehicles must be correctly level before any process to prevent vibration and wobble. Any lathes that are transported out of normal shop atmosphere must be confined as of dust, excessive heat, and very cold conditions. Change oil regularly if working in dusty conditions. In hot working area use care to shun overheating motor or damage any seals. Operate lathe at slow speeds than usual as working in cold environment.

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