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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Vane Pump

Vane Pump Points : Vane Pump A vane pump is illustrated. The vane type, pump has advantages in size, weight, quiet running, and long life, and is highly, efficient. the diagrammatic section illustrates the operation of this pump. The particular type indicated is termed hydraulically balanced because there are two diametrically opposing pumping chambers which, being opposite each other, cancel out thrust forces imposed by , the pumping action. Were these forces not balanced? They would cause heavy bearing, loads while the pump is developing high operating pressures.
When the pump is in operation, the bladelike vanes slide radically inward and outward in slots while being carried around by the rotating vane carrier, or roller. Power from the pump-driving motor is transmitted through the pump shaft to the rotor by a floating spline, the shaft and rotor being supported on separate bearings. It will be noted that the radial sliding motion of the vanes is controlled by the internal cam-like contour of a hardened guide ring. This ring also forms the outer circumferential wall of the oil chamber. The contour is ground to a shape which causes the vanes to move radically outward and back toward the center twice during each revolution of the rotor. Centrifugal force, plus pressure from an exhaust-port bleed, ensures that the vanes follow the earn-ring contour at all times.
The inlet and discharge ports are located in the parts which forms the slides of the pumping, chamber. They are indicated A, Ai and B, Bi .The functioning parts described, including the hardened guide ring, are assembled within a pump casing containing the inlet and outlet and outer piping connections and the passages leading from these to die port openings.

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