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Applications of Refrigeration

Applications of Refrigeration Points : Applications of Refrigeration The application of refrigeration are numerous in our daily life, some of them are given below:
  1. Comfort air conditioning of auditoriums, hospitals, residences hotels, offices etc.
  2. Manufacture and preservation of medicines. Surgery his found a wide application because preservation of blood and human tissues (eyes etc.) has become possible by refrigeration only.
  3. Storage and transportation of food stuffs such as meat, dairy product, fish, fruit, vegetables and fruit juices etc.
  4. Manufacture of ice.
  5. Processing of textiles, printing work and photographic material etc.
  6. Cooling of concrete for dams.
  7. Treatment of air for blast furnaces.
  8. Processing of tobacco, petroleum and other chemical products.
  9. Production of rocket fuels.
  10. Computer functioning.

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