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Drawing of Solid and Hollow Sections - Cold-Working Processes

Drawing of Solid and Hollow Sections Points :Drawing of Solid and Hollow Sections, Definition Definition Drawing is exclusively a cold-working process, since it relies entirely on the high ductility of the material being drawn and ductility is low at high temperatures. Both solid sections and tubes are produced by drawing through dies, and all wire is manufactured by this process. In the manufacture of tubes the bore may be maintained by the use of a mandrel, Rods and tubes are drawn at a long draw-bench on which a power-driven ‘dog’ pulls the material through the die. Wire, and such material as can be coiled, is pulled through the die by winding it on to a rotating drum or ‘block’. In each case the material is lubricated with oil or soap before it enters the die.

Drawing dies are made, for different purposes: from high carbon steel; from tungsten and molybdenum steels; from tungsten carbide (a tungsten carbide pellet enclosed in a steel case); and, for very fine gauge copper wire, from diamond.

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