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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Safety on the Grinder

Safety on the Grinder Points : Safety on the Grinder In the operating of any type of grinder, the personal safety precautions listed here should be observed.
  1. Wear safety goggles when performing any operation on any grinding machine.
  2. See that all safety guards and hoods are in place.
  3. In off-hand grinding keep the work rest adjusted close to the wheel. A maximum distance of 1/16 in. is recommended to prevent the work from being caught between the wheel and the rest.
  4. Securely clamp the work rest after each adjustment.
  5. Avoid personal contact with the moving wheel or work.
  6. Keep shirt sleeves rolled up.
  7. Do not wear a tie.
  8. Keep your shirt inside your trousers. Any loose portion of your shirt may get caught between the fast-moving wheel and the work and draw you in to the machine.
  9. Wear a cap Long, curly hair is dangerous.
  10. No "fooling around" or "horseplay" is in order. Remember that there are other people working near and around you. Their safety must be considered.
  11. After starting the machine, always step back from the rotating wheel.
  12. Remove your watch before using. a magnetic chuck' to .prevent it from becoming magnetized.
The following safety measures should be practiced as for as the Grinding Machine and wheels are concerned.
  1. Make sure that the work is securely and properly clamped.
  2. Make sure that the wheel is properly mounted on the machine.
  3. Make sure that the wheel is "sound'" that is, that the wheel has no fractures or 'breaks in it before mounting.
  4. Use the proper wheel specified for the job.
  5. Be sure that you know the safe operating speed of the wheel you are using. Always ask your foreman or instructor if you are not sure about the speed.
  6. Do not feed the wheel too fast otherwise, the work-piece may be forced from between centers.
  7. When shoulder grinding, do not permit the side of the wheel to press too hard against the work. The work may be forced from between centers or the wheel may break from excessive side pressure.
  8. Stop all motors before making adjustments to the machine.
  9. When dressing the wheel, make sure the diamond' is securely locked in position.
  10. Never hand gauge or measure the work while the machine is running.
  11. When mounted or removing work, back the wheel far enough away to provide adequate clearance for your hand.
  12. When leaving the grinder for an indefinite period, stop the machine.

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