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Monday, 19 May 2014

C-Type Bourdon Tube

C-Type Bourdon Tube Points : C-Type Bourdon Tube, Definition C-type bourdon tube pressures go into the socket and go by into the Bourdon tube during where the socket with the tube is welded jointly.Pressure to be calculated might be that of steam, air, water, oil with a lot of other liquids with gases bourdon tube are oval tube of round shape by a sealed end. Some pressure in tube in excess of outside cause the tube to change its oval form into a more circular cross section. The resulting stresses in tube tend to straighten out free end, with the tip move upward. The overturn result occurs under vacuum, while pressure in tube is less than the external or atmospheric pressure. The motion of tube at free end is call tip travel connecting link attach the tip of Bourdon tube to the linear-rotary movement unit and the connecting link pass on the motion of tip of the tube to the linear-rotary motion unit. Tip ending of link travels in a straight line as the movement can travels in an arc about the pivot. The motions of slide nut which link connecting link to movement cam is changeable, and is use for calibrate the gauge.

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