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Monday, 19 May 2014

Metallic Diaphragm (Membrane) Pressure Gauge

Metallic Diaphragm (Membrane) Pressure Gauge Points : Metallic Diaphragm (Membrane) Pressure Gauge, Definition This gauge is pressure sensors depend on deflection of diaphragm in use. Diaphragm is a flexible disc, also flat or by concentric corrugations which is prepared as of sheet metal of accurate dimensions. The diaphragm materials by good elastic qualities for example beryllium copper, with very low temperature coefficients of elasticity such as Ni-Spane, are used. While use to measure pressures of forceful substances, as bases, acids, vapour with gases for example chlorine, the membrane have to be protected by coating with materials such as gold or rubber, a protective foil of aluminum, tin, lead, silver or plastic is cover up. The pressure gauges are manufactured by membrane also in horizontal or in vertical position. Diaphragm pressure gauges are use by the trucks, tractors, with other heavy duty function.

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