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Grinding Wheels Operating Faults

Grinding Wheels Operating Faults Points : Grinding Wheels Operating Faults, Loading, Glazing There are two common faults occur with grinding wheels. 1. Loading Loading is when the inter-spaces between the abrasive grains become clogged with particles of the material being ground, with the effect that eventually the cutting edges do not project sufficiently to do their work. In the grinding of so materials such as brass, bronze, aluminum, and even soft steel, there is a tendency for the chips to wedge in between the cutting point .of the wheel in the same way that a file is loaded. This is especially true when the wheel has too dense a structure or is too hard, or when the work is running too slowly. Loading may also be caused by forcing the cut too fast or too deep to allow the chips to be carried away or by using the wheel to grind materials softer than for which it is suited. Fine grained and soft bonded wheels do not load as readily as their opposites and an increased in speed may help to affect a cure. The remedy is to do one or more of the following: Select a softer wheel or one with more open structure; increase the work speed; decrease the amount of chip and perhaps the amount of table feed if the width of the cut seems to cause the work diving belt slip. 2. Glazing Glazing occurs when grains which have lost their sharpness are still retained the bond. It is caused either by using a wheel which is too hard, grain too fine, wheel speed too fast, work speed too slow or wheel loaded with chips.
It may be reduced by increasing the work speed and reducing the cut to promote more rapid disintegration of the wheel. When a wheel becomes loaded or glazed, it should be trimmed or dressed immediately, and if the fault persists speed and wheel should be checked up with a view to effecting a cure. A fault the opposite of loading and glazing is that of excessive wheel wastage. This may be reduced by reducing the work speed and increasing the cut.

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