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Monday, 25 November 2013

Construction and Working of Surface Grinding Machine

Construction and Working of Surface Grinding Machine Points : Construction and Working of Surface Grinding Machine, Machine Size While all grinding operations might be called surface grinding (all grinding is done on the surface of the material), industry classifies Surface Grinding as the grinding of Flat surfaces.
A surface grinder is a machine designed for doing operation similar to those done on a Shaper, Planer or Milling machine but is capable of producing these surfaces more accurately both as to size and surface quality.
Machine Size The size of horizontal-spindle machines is designated by the maximum length and width of the work piece which can be ground without shifting its position on the worktable. Thus a (150) (450)mm (6)(18) machine has a working area at least (150) mm (450) mm (6 in) (18 in). That is, it has transverse (cross feed) table travel of at least 150 mm (6 in.) and longitudinal table travel of 450 mm (18 in). The maximum height of parts which may be surface ground on a given machine should also be known before a commitment to purchase is made.

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