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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Plug Screw Gauge

Plug Screw Gauge Points : Plug Screw Gauge, Definition This gauge is used for gauging nuts or inside threads it is clear that full form plug gauge prepared precisely to minimum dimensions of inside thread will make sure that all dimensions of the thread are not less than that minimum if it will assemble by the thread. Major, minor and useful diameters will be check and it will make certain that size of pitch angle or form of threads is not reducing under minimum. It is not feasible to judge for individual error of a particular part. Exactingly words a plain NO GO gauge is required is also required. The NO GO major diameter gauge has its major diameter on the equivalent upper limit of work with its flank and minor diameter being well cleared off the work dimensions. In normal production practice, NO GO effective diameter gauge is the only one use part as of full form GO gauge. This gauge is all that is needed to ensure that the threads of the work are not thin even though the major and minor diameters are within the limits.

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