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Lathe Cutting Tools - True and False

Lathe Cutting Tools - True and False Points : Lathe Cutting Tools - True and False True and False
  1. The round-nose turning tool bit is very versatile and can be used to turn in either direction for roughing and finishing cuts. T
  2. A left-hand turning tool bit is the opposite of the right-hand turning tool bit. T
  3. The turret tool post is used mainly for high-speed production operations. T
  4. The lathe cutting tool or tool bit must be made of the correct material. T
  5. A right-hand turning tool, bit is shaped to be fed from right to left. F
  6. Cutting speed depends upon the nature of material. T
  7. Micrometer Collar cap measure depth of cut. F
  8. Cutting speed is measured only in M/minute. F
  9. Knurling is the operation of lathe. T
  10. Constant for hard steel is 13. F

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