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Safety Rules for Cutter Grinding

Safety Rules for Cutter Grinding Points : Safety Rules for Cutter Grinding
  1. Always wear goggles on all cutter-grinder work.
  2. Under no circumstances is the machine to be started unless the grinding, wheel is adequately guarded.
  3. In mounting wheels on cutter grinders, use standard wheel bushings and safety washers on large wheels.
  4. When hand-dressing wheels, be careful to allow ample hand clearance between the wheel and the table or other parts of the machine.
  5. Hand-dressing operations should be performed with a light pressure, especially when dressing thin wheels. A slip of the hand or a broken wheel may cause severe lacerations.
  6. Any changes of guards, dogs, centers, setup, tooth rests, or other parts of a machine are not to be made while the machine is running.
  7. When grinding spot-facers, counter-bores, and so forth in a draw collets, use a special, automatic safety guard, or shut the machine down to remove the work.
  8. In backing off drills, spiral reamers, and so forth, see that the tooth rest is properly adjusted in relation to the wheel and work, to prevent slippage and consequent spinning of stock.
  9. Care should be taken in handling sharp tools such as reamers, drills, cutters, and counter-bores.
  10. Towel or cloth or waste cotton is not to be used to hold small tools such as spot-facers, counter-bores, and similar tools, which become warm while grinding.
  11. Exhaust hoods are supplied as a safe-guard for the health of grinder operators See that they are properly adjusted at all times and that they are not abused.

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