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Types of Lathe Machine

Types of Lathe Machine Points : Types of Lathe Machine, Kinds of Lathe Machine, At first lathe consequent its name as of the fact that it was work through power of a steam engine. Current increase in design of lathe machine has greater than before the variety of operation, increase in mass-production of duplicate parts by increasing the tool stations, tool setting and multi-spindles for work holding. Current manufacture has lead to the improvement of many unique lathes, such as the Copying, Single Engine, Turret-Capstan, Tracer and multi-spindle automatic and numerically controlled lathes with at present Computer-controlled turning centers. Lathe is machine tool might be of the usual or special type. Usual Machine is one which is capable to deal through a variety of work with permit a sensibly wide, range of process to be performing. Special reason machine is one which has been intended for several specific purposes and only perform one, or a imperfect range of process on a single range of part.
Main types of lathe machines
1) Engine Lathe
2) Center Lathe
3) Turret Lathe
1. Engine Lathe Engine lathe mostly not a manufacture lathe is originate in renovate shops, teaching educate workshops, and tool-rooms. These lathes are classified into two types:
a) Bench Model
b) Floor Model
a. Bench Model Bench model is use mainly for light function work and instruction. This is a small lathe and mounts on a few type of bench or cabinet, by drawers, shelves and racks for tools and accessories. b. Floor Model Floor model engine lathe is radiance duty floor model use in training shops and trade. Larger floor model need a greatly better area in a shop with is use mainly for machining long shafts of bigger length. Lathes of this type need extensive horsepower to take away the quantity of metal required to whole the job. 2. Center Lathe Center lathe is a usual machine tool use to make a wide range of work contains the follow:
1. Boring process held on carriage by a boring bar held in spindle.
2. Turning, drilling, facing along with Boring in the chuck.
3. Turning, Boring also facing work held on a faceplate.
4. Turning among centers
3. Turret Lathe Turret lathe is use to make sequence of process to create duplicate parts rapidly and inexpensively. Turret lathe is prepared by a multisided tool post identify a turret to which numerous different cutting tools might be mount. Different cutting tools are working in a certain order to make a series of operations on every part. Similar cycle may be frequent on a lot of parts with no having to modify or retune the cutting tools.

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