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Sunk Keys and it Types

Sunk Keys and it Types Points : Sunk Keys, Types of sunk keys, Feather key, Parallel sunk key, Rectangular sunk key, Square sunk key, Woodruff key, Gib-head key Sunk keys are give half in keyway of shaft with partly in keyway of the hub or boss of pulley. Sunk keys are of following types:
1. Feather key
2. Parallel sunk key

3. Rectangular sunk key
4. Square sunk key
5. Woodruff key
6. Gib-head key
1. Feather Key Feather key is attach to one member of pair with which permit relative axial movement is identified as feather key. This is a particular type of parallel key which transmit a rotating moment and too allow axial movement. It is fastened also to shaft or hub the key being a sliding fit in key way of affecting part.
2. Parallel Sunk Key Parallel sunk keys might be of rectangular or square part regular in width with thickness all over. It might be noted that a parallel key is a taper-less with is use where pulley, gear or other mating part is required to slide beside the shaft.
3. Rectangular Sunk Key Rectangular sunk key is usual proportions of Width of key and thickness of key and diameter of the shaft or diameter of hole in the hub.
4. Square sunk Key Simply dissimilarity between rectangular sunk key and square sunk key is that its width and thickness are equivalent.
5. Woodruff Key Woodruff key is a simply adjustable key and is a part as of a cylindrical disc have segmental cross-section in face view. This key is able of tilting in a recess milled out in shaft with a cutter have similar curvature as disc from which key is prepared. This key is mostly use in machine tool and automobile assembly.
6. Gib-head Key This is a rectangular sunk key by a head at one end recognized as gib head. It is generally give to make easy the removal of key.

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