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Monday, 22 December 2014

Gudgeon or Wrist Pins

Gudgeon or Wrist Pins Points : Gudgeon or Wrist Pins, Full floating, Semi floating, Stationary This Pin is a hollow pin prepared of steel, upper surface of which is especially hard. It holds piston by the small end of connecting rod. There are different ways of holding connecting rod by piston through the gudgeon pin. Piston pins are classified as:
(i) Full floating
(ii) Semi floating
(iii) Stationary
(i) Full floating This pin which is free to turn inside the small end of connecting rod too as in the piston bosses. It is held in piston with means of circlips which keep pin inside the bosses. (ii) Semi floating This pin is that kind of pin which is fixing in the small end of connecting rod, and is held fixed through means of a cotter bolt. It is free to turn in piston bosses. (iii) Stationary The Stationary type of gudgeon pin is bolt to tile piston and cannot turn. The connecting rod move around it.

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