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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Classification of Internal Combustion Engines

Classification of Internal Combustion Engines Points : Classification of Internal Combustion Engines,Classification of IC Engine Internal Combustion engines are classified on basis of the follow parameter: 1. According to number of strokes per cycle a. Two stroke cycle engines
b. Four stroke cycle engines
2. According to thermodynamic cycle of process a. Otto cycle
b. Diesel cycle
c. Dual combustion cycle
d. Brayton cycle
e. Lenoir cycle
3. According to method of Ignition a. Spark Ignition system (SI)
b. Compression Ignition system (CI)
4. According to type of fuel working a. Petrol engine
b. Diesel engine
c. Gas engine
5. According to speed of engine a. Slow or low speed engine
b. Medium speed engine
c. High speed engine
6. According to method of cooling used a. Air cooled engine
b. Water/Liquid cooled engine
7. According to method of fuelling use a. Carburettor engine
b. Air injection engines
c. Airless or solid injection engines
8. According to number of cylinders a. Single cylinder engines
b. Multi-cylinder engines
9. According cylinder arrangement a. In cylinder engines
b. ‘V’ shape cylinder arrangement
c. Radial arrangement of cylinders in an engine
d. Opposed cylinder engines
e. Rotary engines
f. Vertical and horizontal engines
10. According to methods of governing a. Flit and miss governed engines
b. Quality governed engines
c. Quantity governed engines
11. According to valve arrangement a. Over head valve engines
b. Side valve engines
c. L-head type engines
d. T-head type engines
e. F-head type engines
12. According to function a. Stationary engines
b. Automobile engines
c. Locomotive engines
d. Aero engines
e. Marine engines
Every automobile and aircraft engines are of four stroke type. The common of the model aircraft engines and various motor cycle engines are of two stroke type. Heavy duty stationary engines can use also of the cycles.

If speed of crankshaft is below 120 rpm, engine is supposed to be slow speed engine. As speed of the crankshaft is among 120 and 500 rpm, it is designated as medium speed engine, and if speed is over 500 rpm the engine is call high speed engine.

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