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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Efficiency of Diesel Cycle

Efficiency of Diesel Cycle Points : Efficiency of Diesel Cycle Think about the cycle as being passed out in a cylinder fixed by a moving piston. The four non-flow processes constitute cycle is showing in P-V (pressure-volume) and T-S (Temperature-Entropy) diagrams. The processes are every reversible. The heat adding occurs at constant pressure instead of stable volume.

1—2 Air is dense isentropically through the compression percentage, v/v2 = rc
2—3 Heat Q 3 is extra by the circuit as the air expands at stable pressure to volume At state 3 the heat provide is cut off and volume ratio v3/v2, can be call the cut oil ratio,ρ.
3—4 Air is extended isentropically to original volume.
4—I Heat Q4-1 is rejected at stable volume until cycle is finished.

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