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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

IC Engine Fuel

IC Engine Fuel Points : IC Engine Fuel, internal combustion engine fuel, qualities of ic engine fuel The qualities necessary for an ideal IC engine fuel are as given:
  1. A excellent fuel must posses sensible ignition temperature. Ignition temperature is lowest temperature at which fuel have to be preheated for a smooth burning method. While low ignition temperature makes the fuel extra capable in burning hut it makes it dangerous for storage space since it can catch fire rapidly. High ignition temperature need the fuel to be heated to a higher temperature before burning, and thus, affects the heating value of fuel.
  2. A excellent fuel has to be simple to handle, store, and transport at minimum cost.
  3. A fuel must contain lower moisture content as well as lower volatile matters as these will affect heating value of fuel.
  4. It must posse high heat value (calorific value) with higher carbon content.
  5. A excellent fuel must not make abnoxious or toxic or polluting gases.
  6. It must posses low ash content as the ash creation will affect the heating value of fuel.
  7. Combustion of a excellent fuel can simply be controlled.
  8. The pace of combustion or velocity of combustion of a good fuel must always be regular and moderate.

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