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Application of Slotter Machine

Application of Slotter Machine Points : Application of Slotter Machine, Application of Slotting Machine Slotter machines are especially comparable to shaping machines in respect of machining principle, tool-work motions with common applications. Though, comparative to shaper machine, Slotter machines are characterized by:
  • An added rotating feed motion of work table.
  • Used normally for machining internal surfaces.
  • Vertical tool reciprocation by down stroke acting.
  • Less tough and rigid.
  • Longer stroke length.

The common and likely machining applications of Slotter machines are:
  • Inside keyways and splines, straight dagger of internal spur gears, inside curved face of circular section, internal oil grooves and so on, which are not feasible in shaping machines.
  • Enlargement and finishing non-circular hole bordered by a number of flat surfaces.
  • Internal grooves and slots of rectangular with curved sections.
  • Blind geometrical holes similar to hexagonal socket.
  • Internal flat surfaces.

Though, it has to be bear in intellect that efficiency and process capacity of Slotter machines are extremely poor and thus use generally for piece production necessary by maintenance and repair in small engineering. Range of use of Slotter machine for production has been more reduced by more and regular use of broach machines.

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