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Friday, 11 July 2014

Drive Mechanisms of Slotter Machine

Drive Mechanisms of Slotter Machine Points : Drive Mechanisms of Slotter Machine, Slotter Machine Drives, Slotting Machine Drives, Slotted Link and Gear Mechanism, The Slotted Disc Mechanism, Hydraulic Mechanism Major types of driving mechanisms use in slotters are:
1. Slotted Link and Gear Mechanism
2. The Slotted Disc Mechanism
3. Hydraulic Mechanism
drive mechanisms of slotter machine 1. Slotted Link and Gear Mechanism Gear mechanism of drive is mostly use in heavier slotters. The mechanism consists of two driving wheels, every give by trunnions. Equally wheels carry an eccentric that can loosen or tighten by the driving wheels, as preferred. Bell crank slotted link is give among the driving wheels, which is attached by the ram. Ram is attached by the counterweight arm that carries a counterweight with travel above the fulcrum. 2. The Slotted Disc Mechanism Slotted disc mechanism consists of gear, slotted disc, pinion with crank. The major driving pulley is driven through motor through V-belts. It is attached to pinion to drive the gear which is extra attached to the disc. Crank and connecting rod mechanism change circular motion of disc into a reciprocating movement of the ram. Length of stroke is attuned through shifting the crank pin. Starting and finishing point of stroke are adjusted by means of a hand lever present for the function. Flywheel acts as a shock absorber with an energy provider to stroke. 3. Hydraulic Mechanism Hydraulic mechanism use in slotter is like to that use in a shaper, apart from for the position of the cylinder. In slotter mechanism, cylinder is kept in a vertical position, as in shaper it is horizontal.

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