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Working Principle of Slotter Machine

Working Principle of Slotter Machine Points : Working Principle of Slotter Machine,Working Principle of Slotting Machine Vertical slide hold the cutting tool is joint by a crank with connecting rod apparatus, so now rapid return result is absent. Job, to machined, is mounting directly or in a vise on work table. Similar to shaper machine, in Slotter machine too fast cutting movement is impart to tool with the feed motions to job. In Slotter machine, in adding to the longitudinal and cross feeds, rotary feed movement is also provide in the work table. Intermittent rotation of feed rod is derivative as of the driving shaft by the help of a four bar linkage. The intermittent revolution of feed rod is transmitting to lead screws for two linear feeds with to the worm – worm wheel for rotate the work table. Working speed, that is, number of strokes per minute, number of strokes can be changed, if required through change belt-pulley ratio or using a further speed gear box, while, the feed values are changed mostly by change the amount of angular rotation of feed rod per stroke of tool. This is finished by adjust the amount of angle of oscillation of the paul. The guidelines of feeds are reversed simply by turning the tapered paul by 180° as done in shaping machines.

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