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Construction of Planer Machine

Construction of Planer Machine Points : Construction of Planer Machine The general design of planing machine. Similar to shaping machines, planing machines are too mostly use for producing flat surfaces in unusual planes. Though, the main differences between planing machines as of shaping machines are:
However in principle equally shaping and planing machines make flat surface in similar way through the combined actions of the Generatrix and Directrix but in planing machine, in its place of the tool, the work piece respond give fast cutting movement and instead of job, the tool is given the slow feed movement.
Evaluate to shaping machine, planing machines are greatly larger and rockier and usually use for huge jobs by longer stroke length with heavy cuts. In planing machine, work piece is mount on the reciprocate table and tool is mount on horizontal rail which, over, can travel vertically up and down along the vertical rails.
Planing machines are more useful for longer and faster stroke, heavy cuts feasible and immediate use of a number of tools.

As in shaping machines, in planing machines also;
Length and position of stroke can adjusted.
Only single point tools are use
The quick return persist.
Form tools are frequently use for machining grooves of curved section.
Equally shaping and planing machines can also make large curved surfaces by using proper attachments.

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