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Specification of Slotter Machine

Specification of Slotter Machine Points : Specification of Slotter Machine, Specification of Slotting Machine Slotters are normally specific in terms of maximum length of a stroke. Small concern will show that the size of job that can machined will be less than this size by an total equal to the top with bottom clearances of the tool. Specifications of 400 mm slotter are given below:
  1. Highest distance as of clamping surface of table to lower end of ram guideways 600 mm
  2. Highest space as of tool to clamping surface of table 870 mm
  3. Distance from seating surface of tool to housing 890
  4. Number of up and down strokes per minute 17.2-71
  5. Motor speed for drive of machine speed 1400 rpm
  6. Floor space required by machine 3050mm x 1800mm
  7. Width and spacing of T=slots 22 mm x 160 mm
  8. Transverse movement of table 600 mm
  9. Maximum drawing force 2000 kgf
  10. Diameter of rotary table 915mm
  11. Longitudinal movement 762 mm
  12. Swivel of ram 10 degrees
  13. Cross movement 559 mm
  14. H.P required 7.5 HP
  15. Maximum stroke 457 mm
  16. Number of speeds 9
  17. Belt size 100mm

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