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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Working of Steam Turbine

Working of Steam Turbine Points : Working of Steam Turbine Steam turbine has fundamentally ring and nozzle of moving blades mount on shaft call rotor. Shaft movement of turbine depends only upon dynamic action of steam. Steam is injected during nozzles over to ring of moving blades. The thermal energy of steam is partially changed into kinetic energy due to fixed pressure drop in nozzle. Elevated velocity steam exit nozzle enters moving blade and way of steam run gets changed as of inlet to way out. This transform in direction of steam flow reason change of momentum, which results in dynamic force acting as driving thrust for revolving of shaft. Steam turbine can be impulse turbine or reaction turbine base on mechanism of driving thrust formation. If static pressure drop take place mainly in stationary nozzle by little or no static pressure drop occurring in rotor blade way then turbine is call an ‘impulse turbine’. If extensive static pressure drop occurs in fixed nozzle and rotor blade passage equally then turbine is call ‘reaction turbine’. Therefore in case of impulse turbine dynamic thrust is accessible due to transform in momentum as of change in velocity direction as moving across the blade as of inlet to way out. In case of reaction turbine the fixed pressure drop in rotor blade way causes added conversion of thermal energy into kinetic energy and thus generation of resultant reactive force. Driving thrust in reaction turbine contain of reactive force with force associated by change in momentum due to change in way of velocity.

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