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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Efficiencies of Steam Turbines

Efficiencies of Steam Turbines Points : Efficiencies of Steam Turbines Efficiency of a steam turbine is definite as real work created divided through work formed by an isentropic expansion. Isentropic expansion is sum of work to would he formed if there is no adjust in entropy occur. Isentropic process is an idealize method to represent amount of existing energy. The second law of thermodynamics, however, states to the change of this thermal energy to useful work cannot be 100% capable. For sensible reason it will be below 100% as of second law of thermodynamics and because of added mechanical and other electrical losses in turbine generator and related equipments.
Mathematically efficiency of a steam turbine is
Efficiency = Actual work/Work from isentropic expansion
= Used energy/Available energy

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