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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Types of Slotter Machine

Types of Slotter Machine Points : Types of Slotter Machine, Types of Slotting Machine, Precision Tool Room Slotter, Puncher Slotter, General Production Slotter, Keyseater Slotter Slotting machines are mostly of the following four types:
1. Precision Tool Room Slotter
2. Puncher Slotter
3. General Production Slotter
4. Keyseater Slotter
1. Precision Tool Room Slotter Tool room slotter is precision type with is use for very precise machining. It is lighter machine and is operate at high speeds. By use special jigs machine can handle a number of equal works on a production basis. 2. Puncher Slotter Puncher slotter is weighty machine and operational with powerful motor. It is propose to remove large quantity of metal as of large castings or forgings. Length of the stroke is too large. 3. General Production Slotter Production slotter is general type of slotter use for general production work. Drive of ram is by means of slotted disc with connecting rod. Fly wheel is fixed to prevent shock at the end of stroke. 4. Keyseater Slotter Keyseaters, also identified as keyseating machines with keyway cutters, are specific machines designed to cut keyways. It is similar to vertical shapers; the dissimilarity is that cutting tool on a keyseater enters the work piece as of bottom and cuts on down-stroke, as the tool on a shaper enter the work piece as of the top and cuts downward. One more difference is a keyseater has a guiding system over the work piece to reduce deflection, which results in a closer tolerance cut. Process starts by clamping the work piece to the table by a fixture or vise. This machine can cut other straight sided features other than keyways. They can also make blind slots, which are slots that do not enlarge through the whole work piece.

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