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Operation Performed on Slotler Machine

Operation Performed on Slotler Machine Points : Operation Performed on Slotler Machine, Slotting Machine Operations The operations performed on a slotter are:
1. Machining Cylindrical Surfaces
2. Machining Flat Surfaces
3. Machining Slots, Keyways and Grooves
4. Machining Irregular Surfaces
1. Machining Cylindrical Surfaces Outside and inside surfaces of a cylinder can machined in slotting machine. Work is clamp on rotary table. Tool is set radially on work piece. As machining, the feed is complete by rotary table screw, which turns the table through a small arc at beginning of every cutting stroke. 2. Machining Flat Surfaces Outside and inside flat surfaces can machined on work piece in slotting machine. Work to machined is hold be parallels so that tool will have clearance as of table while it is at excessive descending position of the stroke. Cross feed is certain at start of each cutting stroke. The machining on work piece is finished by using a roughing also a finishing tool. 3. Machining Slots, Keyways and Grooves Inside and outside grooves are cut extremely easily on a slotting machine is planned for cutting internal grooves which are too hard to make in other machines. 4. Machining Irregular Surfaces Work piece is place on table. Then by combing cross longitudinal with rotary feed actions of the table any contoured surfaces can machined on work pieces.

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