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Uses of Planer Machine

Uses of Planer Machine Points : Uses of Planer Machine, Uses of planing Machine Planers machines are use by smaller tool with die shops in bigger assembly facilities to continue and repair large stamp dies and plastic injection moulds. Other uses contain any other task where an unusually large block of metal have to be square as a horizontal grinder or floor mill is occupied too costly, or unreasonable to use. While not as precise as grinding, planer can eliminate a great quantity of material in one pass by high accuracy.

There are two types of planers for metal, Double-Housing and Open-Side. Double-housing range has vertical supports on both sides of its extended bed; Open-side range has a vertical support on just one side, allow the workpiece to expand outside the bed. Metal planers can differ in dimension as of a table size of 30"×72" to 20'×62', with in weight as of around20,000 lbs to over 1,000,000 lbs

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