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Applications of Planer Machine

Applications of Planer Machine Points : Applications of Planer Machine, Applications of Planing Machine Basic principle of machining by relative tool-work movement is reasonably comparable in shaping machine with planing machine. The quick straight path cutting movement is give by reciprocation of tool or job with the slow, irregular transverse feed motions are convey to the job or tool. In deference of machining purpose also these two machine tools are extremely close. All the process done in shaping machine can be done in planing machine. But huge size and stroke length with higher stiffness allow the planing machines do extra heavy duty work on large jobs with their long surfaces. Concurrent use of number of tools additional enhances the construction capacity of planing machines.

The common and feasible machining applications of planing machines are:
Machining the most important features like principal surfaces and guideways of beds and tables of different machines like lathes, grinding machines, milling machines and planing machines itself, raise machines etc. are general applications of planing machine as indicate where the numerous parallel surfaces of usual machine bed and guideway are surfaced through a number of single point HSS or carbide tools. Also that long parallel T-slots, Vee and inverted Vee type guideways are too machined in planing machines
Moreover the common machining work, some other critical work similar to helical grooving on large rods, long and wide 2-D curved surfaces, recurring oil grooves and so on can also be finished, if needed, by use proper special attachments.

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