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Types of Planer Machine

Types of Planer Machine Points : Types of Planer Machine, Types of Planing Machine, Pit Type Planer, Divide Type Planer, Double Housing Planer, Edge Type Planer, Open Side Planer Planers are commonly separated into 5 types:
1. Pit Type Planer
2. Divide Type Planer
3. Double Housing Planer
4. Edge Type Planer
5. Open Side Planer
1. Pit Type Planer Pit type planer change as of other planer in logic that, the table and work piece resting on it continue motionless and tool reciprocates crossways the work surface. This type of machine is preferred for extremely large work, where weight of work piece and tool necessary table would make respond movement difficult. Job is also mounting on a motionless table, or on floor in a pit, and thus the name pit type planer. One or two tool heads can mount on cross rail with two side tool posts housings, if necessary. The whole unit travels beside the horizontal ways and fro and, therefore the tool moves past the work surface through process. 2. Divide Type Planer Divide type planer is also call tandem planer, consists of two worktables, which might be reciprocal jointly or singly. It is reasonably well known that, rising and setting of work pieces on worktable use more time thus restrict the machine for nonstop mass production function. In such cases, separated table planer can use, where in, one worktable can be use for setting up a latest workpiece, as the second worktable moving workpiece is being machined. Two tables can fix jointly to hold large workpieces. 3. Double Housing Planer Double housing planer is the major type of planer. It consists of mostly a massive bed on which work table respond, and two vertical columns or housing, one on every side of bed. Every column carry a tool head to can be move up and down on column. Cross rail fixed among the two columns might carry one or two tool heads that can slide horizontally on cross rail. Every one tool heads can be clamp in position, and can use jointly or separately depending on the necessities. 4. Edge Type Planer Edge type planer is use for machining the edges of weighty work pieces. The workpiece is clamp on the bed with the side mount carriage supporting the cutting tool is reciprocal along edging of the workpiece. Cutting can take place during equally directions of carriage move. 5. Open Side Planer Open side planer have of just one vertical column or housing on which cross rail is mount. Column and the cross rail take single and double tool heads in that order. This kind of machine permit machining of extensive work pieces.

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