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Classification of Milling Machine

Classification of Milling Machine Points : Classification of Milling Machines Milling machines are classified in a range of ways. According to design, milling machines are classify as: i. Special milling machines, for example, profiling, duplicating and rotary table.
ii. Column and knee-type milling machine
iii. Fixed bed type milling machine
iv. Planer milling machine
According to drive, milling machines are classify as: i. Individual motor drive.
ii. Cone pulley belt drive.
Depending upon the arrangement of spindle, milling machines are classify as: i. Vertical spindle milling machines
ii. Horizontal spindle milling machines

Spindle of vertical milling machine, cutter can be raised or lower through a change of spindle head. In every milling machine, worktable can be motivated to several places to perform operation. In a horizontal milling machine is horizontal to worktable, as the spindle of vertical milling machine is at right angles to worktable.
Machine Size Milling machines are definite with the longitudinal travel of worktable, horse power of main motor, the type of milling machine and its model.

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