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Working Principle of Milling Machine

Working Principle of Milling Machine Points : Working Principle of Milling Machine Operational of a milling machine is base on actuality to milling cutter is fed beside workpiece. This is whole through increasing virtual motion by precise control among workpiece with rotary milling cutter.
Feed motion is usually given to workpiece during its holding device. Cutting mechanism of workpiece in milling process is similar as that in turning process on lathe. This cutting takes place owing to plastic deformation of metal with the cutting tool. Milling machine can moreover hold over one cutter at a time. Holding device is support with mechanism to can present a selective portion of workpiece to milling cutter for its processing. Indexing is one of the exemplar of this kind of processing. Workpiece is hold on worktable of machine. Table movements control feed of workpiece beside the rotating cutter. Cutter is mounting on a arbor or spindle with rotate at high speed. Excepting for revolution the cutter has no further motion. As workpiece advance, cutter teeth remove the metal as of the surface of workpiece with the preferred shape is formed.

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